Coming Together with Harmony


On April 28th, members of New Acropolis spent a special evening engaging with elderly citizens at the Bayview Garden of Cuffe Parade (Mumbai). Joy filled the air as more than fifty senior citizens engaged with Acropolitan volunteers singing timeless melodies, swaying together in tune to create their own harmony.

In addition, volunteers seized the opportunity to personally interact with the elderly by sharing life’s experiences in smaller and more intimate groups. The elderly happily shared memories and discussed their vision of an ideal world.

This project was initiated by the Social Responsibility Department at New Acropolis (Main Centre) with the purpose of reaching out to the elderly in the neighborhood, in order to build solidarity and a sense of belonging within the community.

As the evening came to an end, a spirited seventy year old declared, “We not only enjoyed ourselves…but we are going home with a sense of harmony within us, and with others.”