Leonardo da Vinci the Philosopher


Painting is Philosophy.” – Da Vinci

For Leonardo Da Vinci painting was but a means to seek out the ultimate goal of Wisdom. It is perhaps this profound search that led him to produce some of the greatest works of art the world has ever seen. On June 30th 2018 New Acropolis (Main Centre) hosted a talk titled “Leonardo da Vinci – The Philosopher” to explore a relatively unknown side of the famous Renaissance man.

While perhaps very few will ever achieve his genius, the talk explored how we might take inspiration from his unique zest for Life. His pursuit of Beauty and Wisdom motivated a vast investigation that included such diverse genres as art, music, engineering, botany, philosophy, etc. In every area of his work, it is evident that he strove to bridge between the earthly and the archetypal. Perhaps in this eclectic and comparative approach lies the key to bring about another Renaissance in our own times today.