Transforming Challenges into Opportunities! (Talk)


New Acropolis (Khar). Parvati Nivas, 1st Floor Anand Vihar Society, 19A Road. Khar-Danda Road, Khar (W). Call : +919833033239

What challenges did I face today?  Most of us would have a long list in response to this question. If we face challenges all the time, maybe challenges are our conversation with life, our opportunities to grow, but we are not so familiar with how to see this clearly.

How then do we learn to thrive in the face of challenges, even using them as an opportunites to propel us forward? We will explore how seeming dead ends may be the keys to new beginnings, to see how challenges are disguised Opportunities!

Seating on a first come first served basis.
To find us, please type “New Acropolis Khar” into Google Maps.