Learning from Nature


Human history is rich with examples of the progress that man has made by emulating Nature’s creations. However, in running our present day rat race perhaps we have alienated ourselves from Nature.

To further investigate how we can continue to learn from Nature, New Acropolis (Main Centre) conducted a talk titled “Lessons from Nature” on 7th July 2018. The talk used examples to demonstrate how all of Nature’s creatures work in symbiosis, each contributing towards a common purpose: the collective harmony of the ecosystem. It was proposed that by using Nature as a teacher we can try and live a more meaningful life by recognizing that we too have a role and purpose in the world.

The lecture presented various characteristics of bees, wolves and trees that might perhaps inspire human virtues such as selflessness, intelligence, generosity and harmonious co-existence. “Nature is the greatest Teacher.” – Edna Walling