The Acropolitan Jul – Sep 2018


Dear Reader,

As all of nature comes to full bloom in the peak of the summer, we witness the magic of life in all its glorious expression! It’s as if the world around eagerly invites us to explore the presence of an all-permeating metaphysical intelligence; we must but learn to see and listen.
In our investigation, we might stumble upon the imprint of this intelligence at sacred locations around the globe. Or perhaps an inward journey might lead us to an inner sacredness – expressed as devotion in the yearning of ancient Indian artists, as objective simplicity in the words of Haiku poetry, or the fraternal spirit fostered among fellow athletes. How beautiful that Life leaves bread crumbs for us, to mark the path to encounter her mysteries!
In this issue of The Acropolitan Magazine we invite you to explore the pathways for change, as we aspire to raise our consciousness, individually and collectively, to manifest our fullest potentials. Let us together Discover, Awaken, and Transform!

Harianto H Mehta,

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