Volunteering with Altruism


The week leading up to the 61st anniversary of the founding of International Organization New Acropolis (IONA), was marked as “Volunteering Week” at the New Acropolis (Main Centre).

Members were invited to volunteer with various activities in the school like cleaning, preparing for classes, and assisting with cooking meals; all with a special emphasis on the spirit of Altruism. Through the week, moments of members posing with cutouts of “Acro-man” and “Acro-woman” were captured, suggesting that the joy of volunteering is itself a super-power! As classes recessed, a special game inspired by ancient mythology further highlighted the value of fraternity amongst members.

Volunteering is the natural expression of generosity. As aspiring idealists, New Acropolis members assume the responsibility to serve society as a natural expression of the dream to build and new and better world.