Understanding Life beyond Death


Though often considered a morose subject, Death has also always been enigmatic for human beings and is associated with a fear of the unknown. Over time various cultures have tried to understand it better and many have offered very similar accounts. In a few cultures such as in ancient Egypt, paradoxically the subject of death was an invitation to introspect on the true purpose of life.

This was explored on 14th July 2018 at a gathering of the Friends of New Acropolis at the Main Centre. Speaker Sivan Barzilay highlighted the need to change our perspective on the subject; that in reality death is not a finality, and that life indeed continues, sometimes with a body, and sometimes without. By falling to the ‘victim’ mentality, we are caused to fear life, and we overlook the myriad opportunities she offers us. By treating each day as an opportunity to evolve, to elevate our consciousness, and actualize our true potential, we can make life more meaningful. An interesting exploration of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Bardo Thodol, ensued through which recommendations were offered on how to prepare for death, or how really to live, in a better way.