Developing Inner Concentration


Concentration is often considered to be one of the central features of a contemplative life, cultivated through repeated practice and stable attention. On Tuesday, 21 August 2018 New Acropolis (Main Centre) hosted a talk titled “Deepen your Concentration, Improve your Life”.

The talk suggested the concept of concentration as an objective that we work towards through our life not just something that we deploy to do a task better. This was explained with the support of the teachings of Tibetian Buddhism related to concentration explained through a drawing inspired by an engraving which is the oldest known image in this tradition. This explanation was based on a book written by Fernand Schwarz, (Director of the International Hermes Institute) titled “Concentration and Inner Awakening” (Click Here for details ). The participants were also guided through a short exercise of Tratak.
Attended by over 40 people the talk was a precursor to the flagship course Living Philosophy – Discover, Awaken, Transform scheduled to start on 4th September 2018. For more details about this course Click Here: