Celebrating the spirit of the Mahatma


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Individuals have endeavored and succeeded in contributing to Humanity, even while seeking to overcome their own personal challenges. This spirit of purpose defines the Greatness of the Person. We can learn from the teachings of these people and strive to emulate their ideals.

We shall soon be upon the 150th birth-year anniversary of MK Gandhi. He is a doyen among Great Leaders, whose endeavours positively influenced the thought that helped shaped our present world. His legacy is of integral importance for our generation to understand.

This talk will explore the virtues the Mahatma embodied. We shall seek to discover the essence of his teachings on Ahimsa (Non-violence), Satya (Truth) and Brahmacharya (Self-Discipline). Also, we will reflect on our present times, so we may look at adapting ideals such as dignity for all humans, simplicity of living and community well-being. We will also delve within ourselves, to discover the abilities that can uplift each one of us to become a Mahatma in our own right.

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Lecture and Guided Discussion | Free Entry

Doors close at 6:45 pm