Immersed in Classical Music


On 8th September 2018, New Acropolis (Khar Branch) hosted a memorable evening with hindustani classical musician and vocalist Ustad Sajjad Hussain Khan, who hails from a lineage of seven generations of noted Sarangi players. Accompanied by Sarvpreet Singh on the tabla, a variety of pieces were presented consisting of different evening ragas.

Khan saab shared from his experience the nature and essence of the classical arts and its purpose, explaining that a true artist does not depend on accolades from the audience. Instead, in its pristine form, the classical arts are aimed at capturing the eternal archetypes, and serve as a bridge to a higher realm of consciousness, instead of a mode of self-expression, or popular ‘relaxation’.

Such investigation of culture is an essential component of the philosophical exploration at New Acropolis because culture is regarded as the practical expression of the natural principles, realized by human beings throughout history.