Lessons from the Tree of Life


The Volunteering Department of New Acropolis (Main Centre) conducted an activity titled Tree of Life, on 15th September 2018 in association with Angel Express, an NGO that works with underprivileged children. Introducing the symbolism of a tree, which represents life and growth, the goal of the various activities was to ignite the children’s imagination to envision a better future for themselves, and for the world.

Filled with lively discussions and hands-on activities the 34 children participated with enthusiasm and allowed member volunteers a glimpse into their agile and receptive minds. They enacted the stages of growth from a seed to a full grown tree, swaying in the breeze, withstanding imaginary storms. This was followed with a drawing activity in which they had to draw trees, with each part of the tree depicting their talents, achievements and aspirations. With some encouragement from the volunteers, the children were able to recognize and identify some inherent strengths. And their smiles affirmed the need to learn to believe in one’s own potential.

The afternoon ended with the planting of saplings in discarded plastic bottles which each child took home as a reminder that they too are all part of life, in need of nurturing with care and attention.