The Butterfly Effect


Rangasthala Auditorium, Rangoli Arts Centre, Boulevard at Metro station, MG Road, Bangalore

Celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of  Mahatma Gandhi

While change is constant, often it is a single spark that triggers a movement of change that transforms our lives and our communities.

Every small act of positive change in one part of the world carries with it the ripple effect to make a significant impact in another.

Just as a butterfly symbolizes transformation, the journey from the cocoon to the freedom of the skies, the butterfly effect promises the possibility of this fascinating journey towards bringing collective change around us.

This Gandhi Jayanti, come be a part of The Butterfly Effect, an interactive Public Art installation to spread the message of Hope and Fraternity as we celebrate the spirit of transformation, with a creative art activity for all to enjoy.

11am to 12 noon – Guided dialogue on “Freedom to Change”
12 noon to 2pm   – An Interactive community art installation

Free Entry | Rights to Admission Reserved