The Acropolitan Oct – Dec 2018


Dear Reader,

In our times today, we know how to do many many things. We have accomplished extraordinary technological feats, medical advancements, and lightening speed communication. And we expect, that our civilization is destined for unending progress.

The question we must ask, however, is: What among all these many things that we know to do, is really worth doing? Is it not the answer to this question that will ultimately make our lives more meaningful? To be able to discern what is really right, in light of the Truth, is perhaps the vital element that might give us the direction we seek.

Let us therefore, lead by example, and dare to discover the ethical dimension of our human potential. Let us face our fears, and dare to toil, with the altruistic dream of a new and better world in our hearts. Let us become little heroes, fueling the flame of hope, as we give shape to our audacious dream. Let us Discover, Awaken, and Transform…ourselves, and our world.

Harianto H Mehta, Editor

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