Unraveling the Language of Symbols


On 6th October 2018, New Acropolis (Khar Branch) hosted a presentation called “Language of Symbols”. Through a variety of examples from diverse cultures, the talk demonstrated that human beings since antiquity have sought to unravel the mysteries of the metaphysical dimension of life, the arupa, or the nous. They devised various means by which to do so, and embedded these ways into their culture.

Among them we find a rich heritage of symbols. It was suggested that symbols constitute a natural language which, through the elevation of consciousness, human beings were able to grasp. We are surrounded by symbols around us in the physical world. But it requires an approach of wonder towards life, the ability to penetrate through the form, to perceive the essential guidance that flows from Life, inviting human beings to discover their own true potential, their true home, and their true identity.