Gilgamesh’s Heroic Voyage


On 20th October 2018, New Acropolis (Khar Branch) hosted the talk “Mesopotamia and the Legend of Gilgamesh.”  The mythology of King Gilgamesh, who was 1/3 human and 2/3 god, is perhaps the most important and popular myth of Mesopotamia. The speaker shared the story from the point of view of exploring the philosophical inspiration that might be derived from ancient Mesopotamia.

It is said that the cruel and arrogant King Gilgamesh embarked upon a long and difficult journey to discover the secret of immortality, representing the story of every human being aspiring to fulfil his/her own potential. Much like Man, Gilgamesh repeatedly fails on his voyage. But by facing his challenges, he becomes an archetype of a hero, and becomes a good king on his return to his own kingdom. 

King Gilgamesh, is yet another example of the wisdom embedded in mythology, from which we might derive direction on the role of the human being, relevant also in our own times.