Survival Skills Adventure


Members of New Acropolis Cultural Organization participated in a 3-day Survival Skills Adventure over the weekend of 20th October 2018, on the beautiful mountainous backdrop of Harischandragad, a 5-hour drive out of Mumbai. Learning to survive in the wilderness is a necessary ability to instill confidence and independence to deal with potential stress in disaster and emergency scenarios.

Participants were trained in survival skills such as building emergency wilderness shelters, lighting fires with access only to natural materials, and locating natural water sources. Developing the survival instinct is based on attentive observation, efficient resource use, and the need to manage fear or panic in the event of emergency. Through practical tips, and a variety of survival formulae, participants learnt how to size up disaster situations and the need to develop the ability to respond objectively, rather than react.

The weekend was yet another opportunity to celebrate fraternity amidst the serene beauty of the Shayadri Mountains’ wilderness.