Caring for Mangroves


On 27th October 2018, New Acropolis (Main Centre) led 30 volunteers in a clean-up and restoration activity in one area of the Mangroves situated in Navy Nagar, Colaba. With scissors, gloves and rakes in hand, volunteers joyfully removed tarpaulin, plastic and fabric waste, collecting approximately 800kgs of garbage.

In addition, volunteers were pleased to observe the successful soil accumulation and growth of young mangrove saplings, resulting from previous restoration activities. And further check-dams were assembled to continue the alleviation of soil erosion.

This activity was a follow up of New Acropolis’ ongoing endeavour to sensitize community members, and clean and restore the city’s mangroves. Mangroves are not only a valuable ecosystem for thriving biodiversity, but serve to fortify the city of Mumbai against natural disasters such as tsunamis.

Through this activity, members demonstrated that Volunteering is indeed “Philosophy in Action “.