Keeping Hope Alive


On 18 November  2018 , 32  volunteers comprising of members of New Acropolis (Main Centre), friends and citizens of Colaba area, with the support of BMC (A ward) came together to repaint and refresh a wall,  painted earlier with the message of Hope in English and Marathi. Originally, a shabby corner situated in proximity to a garbage dump, the Hope wall was the first of the wall beautification projects of New Acropolis. This was followed by similar projects with messages depicting virtues that we all can aspire towards such as Generosity, Harmony, Truth.

The inspiration of volunteering even spread to passers-by, many joining in to lend a helping hand. As the enthusiastic volunteers breathed new life into the wall, livening it up with fresh colours it was a reminder that Hope as a virtue also inspires us to keep looking at opportunities in our challenges. An optimistic outlook allows us to constantly do our best to improve all the time. 

Together, through such acts of volunteering we can take collective responsibility of our communities and work towards creating a new and better world.