New Acropolis marks World Philosophy Day 2018


World Philosophy Day 2018 – Pune Branch

On 17th November 2018, New Acropolis Cultural Organization marked World Philosophy Day through coordinated activities at the Main Centre in Colaba, as well as at the Khar and Pune Branches with presentations on varied topics.

National Director, Mr. Yaron Barzilay was invited to the Pune Branch to address the subject of “The Spirit of the Rennaissance”, as inspiration to revive age-old practical tools that might be used in our times to bring about change, towards renewal, a better world, in the direction of truth and beauty.

New Acropolis Cultural Organization – Khar Branch

The Khar Branch hosted a talk titled “Certainty in an Uncertain World” which offered a philosophical perspective on how to deal with the restlessness that emerges from the fear of change, with an investigation of various themes such as Justice from Ancient Egypt, Harmony as described by Confucius, and the 8-fold Path from Buddhism.

At the Main Center in Colaba, the presentation explored “Life: Coincidence Or Intelligent Design” which aimed at inspiring the need to revive a sense of wonder with which to observe and contemplate Life, dismissing the simplistic game of chance and coincidence.

New Acropolis Cultural Organization – Main Centre

The third Thursday of every November has been set aside by UNESCO to highlight the potential of philosophy to foster change by emphasizing the “importance of this discipline [philosophy], especially for young people, underlining that ‘philosophy is a discipline that encourages critical and independent thought and is capable of working towards a better understanding of the world and promoting tolerance and peace’.”

Although in reality, for an aspirant of philosophy, every day is World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis centers around the world mark this special opportunity to reiterate in unison, the power of philosophy as a practical tool to live more meaningful lives.