Decoding the mysteries of the Megaliths


Ancient structures such as the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and other Megalithic constructions, have caused curiosity and intrigue about the purpose they were meant to serve. To explore this, New Acropolis (Main Centre) hosted a talk titled “The Stones of Time” on 29th December 2018. The talk proposed that these structures served as sacred places that enabled human beings to connect to the natural divine laws of life. By combining both visible and invisible elements, perhaps these architectural marvels served as bridges to facilitate the transformation of human consciousness, the discovery of the Self.

By investigating various examples, the talk suggested the possibility that we too could engineer each aspect of our lives in alignment with the natural laws that govern life. In doing so, human beings could become sacred vehicles, through which to serve and express the best human qualities, to create a real change in the world.