Bushido: The way of the Warrior


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“While life is a call to duty… this code, is a guide for the right passage across life’s challenges.”

Bushido (Japanese – the way of the Warrior) encapsulates a great opportunity for a right way to live. It calls for an appreciation of life and teaches us to lead by example.

Over the ages, it crystallised into eight virtues that constitute the path of the Samurai. While originally practiced centuries ago, the wisdom of the Bushido can provide the individual of today with a means for transformation into a chivalrous person of strength, civility and politeness.

The lecture, which will be followed by an open-house, will seek to find the right expression of the code for the modern world of today.

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Lecture and Guided Discussion | Free Entry | Limited Seats | Rights to Admission Reserved | Doors close at 6:45 pm |