The Acropolitan Jan – Mar 2019


Dear Reader,

Wise personages and great leaders of all times have endeavored to illuminate earthly life with heavenly values. They led by selfless example, and demonstrated courage to act altruistically, conscious of the fact that individual fulfillment is intricately woven into collective well-being. As we enter into 2019, how might we use this inspiration to manifest our dreams, and empower ourselves, to give shape to our aspirations?

In order to empower real change and improve the quality of our lives, we must learn to guard our own physical, psychological, and spiritual health. It is necessary to go beyond symptoms, superficial and impermanent by nature, and investigate the root cause of our present challenges, so that like an archer, we might, with grace, Will, and concentration, conquer the goal of a new and better world, for new and better human beings.

Join us as we set off on this glorious adventure! Discover – Awaken – Transform.

Harianto H Mehta, Editor.

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