Celebrating Republic day as active citizens


On the occasion of Republic Day (26 January 2019), a group of volunteers from New Acropolis (Main Centre) conducted a clean-up drive at BPT Garden, Colaba. The activity began with a brief speech about the significance of the day, emphasizing the need to remember our responsibilities as citizens.

The garden hosts a huge range of flora and is a popular exercising spot among the local populace. The volunteers took the opportunity to walk with the patrons and engage them in a conversation about the need to be Active Citizens. Sweets were distributed along with colourful postcards highlighting some ways of actively caring for the society and environment. This call for action was exemplified by the volunteers who, armed with trash bags, picked up the litter around trees and the walkways. They were joined by some of the morning- walkers who lent a hand to the clean- up activity.

The event concluded with a brief discussion on what it means to create a change and the internal barriers that stop us from taking initiative.