Inspiring Young Minds


On February 9th, ladies of New Acropolis, Mumbai held an activity with girls between the ages of 12-14 years in partnership with Angel Xpress Foundation, an NGO that works with BMC school children on after school studies and activities.

The event began with a brief introduction and fun ice breaker which paved the way for personal discussions between the volunteers and the young girls. With open hearts they got to know each other and formed a connection in the brief time spent. The group enjoyed dancing together to a song that essentially conveys the need to be strong, tough and bold and yet always full of love! In the final activity, the girls made fraternity bands which the ladies tied around their wrists as a symbol of the new bonds and learnings; a small token to remember the afternoon. Through various activities, the girls were encouraged to recognise and reflect on their inner strength and abilities.

The event concluded with a brief sharing of  individual reflections while everyone ate together. One of the common takeaways expressed, was the need to make persistent efforts in order to achieve our goals.

The activity allowed the participants to experience that a deep impact can be created through the simple act of opening our hearts.