Acropolis Apr – Jun 2019


Dear Reader,

Summer is here, and is making it’s presence felt! April and May bear the peak of the summer heat in Bangalore, and come June, we will see the spells of rain that offer welcome relief and joy to people, animals and trees alike. All in all, summer is a time of the peaking of external expression and movement in nature. And if it is so in nature, so it is in man too. If we are to connect with the cycles of nature and the seasons, as many ancient cultures did for large parts of human history, summer would be the time of the peak of external activity, the coming to fruition of projects and undertakings in our lives. We see this expression and movement in abundance in school-going children, during their summer vacations! While the grown-ups evade the heat by staying indoors, there’s no stopping the children from running about and playing outside!

In this edition of ACROPOLIS, we have a beautiful collection of articles, featuring an interview with the delightful Roopa Pai, author of many children’s books; we look at how we can bring change through the coming together of Idealism, philosophy and volunteering; for sport fans, this summer is a particularly exciting time with the cricket world cup commencing in May, and football leagues across countries reaching a climax – we take the opportunity to look at how sport can reveal the best of human potential; and to help maintain the centre as a constant axis of stability and a reference point we can always look to amidst all the flurry of movement in life, we have a beautiful article and a calming activity about the symbolism of the Mandala.

We wish you a happy summer of joy and expression. Happy reading!

Anand Baskaran

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