The Acropolitan Apr – Jun 2019


Dear Reader,

The philosophical tradition proposes that it is by decoding our past, that we might discover vital keys to forge a better future. As if to be baked in an alchemical oven, mythology suggests that it will require the kneading of ourselves, through difficult challenges, to rise in consciousness, and express the best of our human potential.

Ancient civilizations emphasized the need to emerge from the darkness of materialism and ignorance, to the light of wisdom and Truth; the Ancient Greeks spoke of it as the need to tune into the music of Orpheus, the natural harmony of life.

Let us dare to imagine a new model of human civilization; one that is rooted in such a harmony, and the pursuit of Truth, in which we each Discover, Awaken, and Transform ourselves. This spring we invite you to join us as we embark on this philosophical adventure!

Harianto H Mehta, Editor.

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