Friends of New Acropolis

Upcoming Events:

NOVEMBER: A lecture and workshop on Qi gong & Tai chi
DECEMBER: A  day long event with eminent speakers: Empowering Real Change, Leadership for a Better World. (50% discounted entry for Friends of New Acropolis)
JANUARY: The Life and Lessons of Swami Vivekananda
FEBRUARY:  An interactive session on the Power of Poetry

A glimpse of some of the past events:

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Do go through the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this program:

What is New Acropolis? New Acropolis is a School of Philosophy in the classical manner, where we endeavour to practically implement philosophy in our daily lives, beyond mere intellectual understanding. Through our initiatives, we strive to extract universal principles from the combined heritage of humanity across civilisations and cultures, and apply a consolidation of ancient wisdom in the present, in order to create a bridge to our future.
Taking inspiration from the timeless principles of the Indian tradition, New Acropolis Cultural Organization, works with a specific focus to rediscover India’s rich artistic, scientific and human heritage and offer it as a vital contribution to collective human progress relevant to our times today.

What is the purpose of Friends of New Acropolis? The purpose of Friends of New Acropolis is to create a space for a meaningful exploration and expression of CULTURE. We believe that Culture is a key part of Life through which the highest aspects of ourselves as Human Beings, can be expressed in the world. The purpose of Friends of New Acropolis is then to celebrate this spirit of Culture.

What exactly does Friends of New Acropolis offer? The Friends of New Acropolis program offers twelve carefully curated, highly interactive events a year, exploring CULTURE in its various forms, all with a philosophical lens. There will be one event every month. Then theres the added benefit of Library membership and priority invitations to other events happening at school. The most important offering, though intangible, is the possibility of being a part of a community of like minded people.
The events with Friends of New Acropolis, would be interactive workshops, panel discussions and performances on a range of topics from practical psychology, theatre workshops, classical dance & music performances, art and ecology workshops, book readings, film screening etc.

How is it different from the Living Philosophy course that is offered? While the Living Philosophy, our flagship course offers a 15 week introduction to Philosophy, which is also the precursor to becoming a member of the school of philosophy for continual studies. Being a member is not only coming to classes every week etc but a way to allow this wisdom to become a way of life. On the other hand, Friends of New Acropolis is a yearly subscription to a community that meets once a month and focuses on exploration of CULTURE from varied perspectives.

What if i join the Friends program and after a few months decide to join the Living Philosophy course? Sure, its possible. If you wish to transfer to the Living Philosophy course within the first 4 months of your joining the Friends of New Acropolis program, then the subscription you paid for friends will count towards the fees for the Living Philosophy Course which is Rs. 6000. If it is between 4 to 8 months, you get a 50% discount on the course fees.

How are these events different from the free public talks held on Saturdays? These events are specially curated for and open to ‘Friends of Acropolis’ and members of the school only. These events are more interactive, varied in subjects and focusing on CULTURE with a very wide world view.

I used to be a student / member at New Acropolis, and i really miss school – can i join? Yes, it’s an excellent way to stay in touch with the school. And several ex members and ex students of the Living Philosophy course have joined this program.

Will i get to use the awesome library that you guys have? Yes, you can and you must! There is a small deposit of Rs. 500 if you want to borrow books.

The Friends of New Acropolis events look so special, do I need to enrol in this program if I’m a member at  the school already? Members of the school and Student of Living Philosophy Course can attend all the events subject to availability of seats.

When and where would these events be held? These events are held on weekends, usually Saturday evening from 6-8pm. They are usually held at our main centre in Colaba, Mumbai. A few may be held in and around Colaba. There would be some exceptions though.
Our Address: A- 0, Connaught Mansion, Opposite Colaba Post Office, Colaba, Mumbai 400-005. India. Tel: 022 22163712

Will you be publishing the dates for these events in advance so that we can plan? Yes, We will be publishing the events at least a month in advance (if not more) so that you can plan your time and attend. We will also be sending you regular messages to ensure you are up to date.

Is there a subscription fee? Yes, the subscription is Rs.7000/- for the Year, ie for 12 events(Rs. 8260 with GST). We also offer discounted fees for students with a valid student ID and groups of more than four joining together at Rs. 5500/- each (6490 with GST). Couples joining together are charged at Rs. 6000/- each (Rs. 7080 with GST) The subscription is valid for 12 events from the date of payment.

Are all 12 events completely free or is there any additional charge? Majority of the events are at no additional charge. Since New Acropolis Cultural Organisation is a 100% volunteer run, not for profit organisation, some events like workshops, special dinners, excursions might have charges associated with them to cover the additional costs.

How do I pay and subscribe to this program? 

Payment options:
Bank details for Online payment:
Name: New Acropolis Cultural Organisation
Bank: HSBC
Account no: 012161709001
Branch: Peddar Road
Or a Cheque in the name of New Acropolis Cultural Organisation. You can of course also pay cash at our centre.

Text us on 98200 93355 for more details.

Do let us know once you have made the payment so that we can process the application.

Can I gift this program to someone I know? Most certainly! We think it makes a lovely gift! Tell us a bit in advance and we will create a lovely little gift wrapped package for your dear one.

How can I get in touch with you for some further clarifications? You can contact us by texting or WhatsApp on 9820093355. Or send us a mail at with your contact details and we will call you right back!

You guys are doing some wonderful work, can i donate books for the library / food for cafeteria / or buy something the school needs? Thank you! Yes, we are an 80G registered 100% volunteer run not for profit organisation. Donations – cash or kind – are always welcome. Please get join touch with us on 9820093355 or send us a mail at and we will get back to you promptly!