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ranRan Kremer
New Acropolis India, National Director (South)

A lecturer in Philosophy, Comparative study of thought and Ancient Philosophies. Has written number of articles and essays on topics of Philosophy, in Israel, as well as in India.

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Delivered a number of seminars in Israel, India and other countries on topics such as: “Public Speaking”, “Self defence and Management of Fear”, “Techniques of concentration” and “The Promotion of Global Culture and the Arts”, “Art of Choosing and choices management”

Supporting projects that promotes sustainable fraternity among people regardless their social or religious background, by conducting profound Cultural, Philosophical, Artistic, social leadership& responsibility and Environmental awareness programs that emphasises what unites us in an era of great cultural diversity and socio-political conflicts. The programs that are being promoted are in the New Acropolis spirit of Volunteerism.

Besides of all the above volunteering work, Ran also is involved in the last 12 years in the field of international business management and since the last 3 years is in the position of a Managing Director of the Indo-Sri Lankan operation of a Tel-Aviv – Israeli based software development company.

Speaks 3 languages: Hebrew, English and Spanish.

His Work

Ran A. Kremer is a member of “New Acropolis”, in Israel since 1998 and in India since 2009. As a public speaker, has delivered more than 300 lectures, as well as giving interviews and writing articles. Some of his presentations on philosophical issues have been published also in the local press.

Various work and contributions in the fields of education, culture and volunteering:

Cultural activities for the development of human knowledge and consciousness – In this framework he has organized practical public seminars, cultural festivals, tributes and exhibitions for the promotion of culture and philosophy, with the aim of spreading an understanding about the different mentalities, cultures, philosophies and ideas from a wide range of civilizations.

Social and ecological actions – Volunteerism work aimed at addressing major social and ecological issues: initiating and promoting projects with the aim of developing and implementing social and environmental responsibility while leading several groups with dozens of volunteers.

Yaron Barzilay
New Acropolis India, National Director (North)

Yaron is a certified specialist of Eastern and Western Philosophy, including History, Symbolism, Moral Philosophy, and Psychology. He has authored several investigative articles related to practical philosophy, exploring timeless and universal concepts as relevant and applicable to daily life in modern times.
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In addition to these works being featured in various publications such as Speaking Tree (Times of India), Yaron has been invited to speak at a variety of forums including 94.3 RadioOne, SynTalk, World Philosophy Day, etc. to promote fraternity and volunteering as a practical means by which to tackle existential human challenges. He was also invited to participate in the panel discussion led by Observer Research Foundation (ORF), to help formulate a strategic cultural policy for the Greater Mumbai region.

Having begun as a volunteer in Tel Aviv at New Acropolis Israel in 1998, he founded a new branch of the organization in Jerusalem two years later. In 2006 he was appointed National Director of India (North), and has lived in Mumbai since.

Yaron continues to present diverse seminars and lectures, including an international symposium commemorating renaissance philosopher Giordano Bruno. Today he is also Editor-in-Chief of The Acropolitan Magazine, and spearheads a number of initiatives to foster social and ecological responsibility, demonstrating that philosophy, far from an intellectual faculty, has the ability to bring about profound and sustainable change. Under his leadership in Mumbai, New Acropolis has successfully partnered on initiatives with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to execute volunteer driven civil beautification and cleaning drives, and presented awareness campaigns and exhibitions at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Jehangir Art Gallery, National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), among others.

Professionally, Yaron is the Managing Director of IDEX – International Diamond Exchange – in India, a leading diamond trading platform for professional diamond traders worldwide. Yaron is a n active member of the Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai and the Gem & Jewellery Federation in India.
Yaron speaks Hebrew, Spanish and English.