International Organization

The Organization

New Acropolis brings together under an International Organization (I.O.N.A.), with its headquarters in Brussels, the associations of the different countries which adhere to its Founding Charter and its principles of action. New Acropolis is an International Non-profit Association recognized as an international association by Royal Decree of 12 February 1990, No. 3/12-941/S, under Law 25/10/19 of the Kingdom of Belgium. It is registered in the International Register of Associations (see Moniteur No. 48 of 9 March 1990, page 4489).

Its associative structure guarantees respect for the diversity, autonomy and initiative of each of its member associations.

organization 2Its operational structure enables it to act independently of all political, religious or financial interests. Each member association is liable to the authorities of its own country and abides by the international regulations governing associations.

According to its Constitution, the Governing Board of the International Association is made up of a representative of each of the member Associations. The members of the International Executive Council, which is responsible for coordinating and making the necessary contacts to implement the resolutions passed at each annual meeting of the Assembly, are elected from the most qualified members of the Governing Board.

Since 1992, the presidency of the International Organization has been held by Delia Steinberg Guzmán. The organization is currently present in over 50 countries.


Our Finances

I.O.N.A. manages its resources through a decentralized system which respects the autonomy of its affiliated associations and is based on each association’s individual capacity, on shared values and specific actions.

financeEach association is legally and financially  autonomous. This management model supports a highly functional international structure operating within a small budget. It is supported by the local associations according to their individual means.

Its sources of funding are: subscriptions, events, and private and public contributions.
In each of the countries in which it is established, I.O.N.A. promotes the local projects which it sees as a priority in order to support youth, education or the environment. At the same time, working on these projects helps the volunteers to develop their own potential.

I.O.N.A. also enters into agreements with like-minded institutions on an ad hoc basis for the purpose of specific projects.