Mumbai Videos

Classical Recital at New Acropolis Khar


New Acropolis at Kala Ghoda Art festival 2017

A Musical Dialogue

Empowering Real Change

New Acropolis. School of Philosophy

World Philosophy Day, Mumbai 2016

Wall Of Truth

Viva Colaba - Harmony

Papyrus of Ani – Life Journey Beyond Death

Within and Without- A Dance Performance by Miti Desai

Revival of the Renaissance - New Acropolis Celebrates World Philosophy Day 2015

World Philosophy Day: Revival of the Renaissance

Mystical Jewellery

Geometry in Nature

Ya Ghat Bheetar: Exploring Kabir through Song

Roots of Indian Classical Music

New Acropolis International Organization - 2015 Activities

Viva Colaba

Wheel of Virtue at Kala Ghoda Festival Feb 2015