The Acropolitan Jul - Sept 2017

Dear Reader,

Jubilant and rejuvenated, New Acropolis’s 60th year anniversary is a joyful re-affirmation of the glorious dream to build a new and better world. To manifest this dream, idealists through history have embarked upon inner journeys that unfold from the deep yearning for change, a change that might unleash our true individual and collective potentials, fuel our inner flame, and empower each aspirant of this joyous path to serve by taking decisive steps up the stairway towards our eternal spiritual identities. We take this momentous opportunity to break free from our fears and anxieties, to dare to encounter the frontiers of our minds, so that we may once again seize our own humanity. To live philosophy, is to Discover, Awaken, and Transform!

Regards, Harianto Mehta - Editor.


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The Acropolitan Apr - Jun 2017

ta_q2_2017Dear Reader,

As we look out to the horizon, and drink the gentle beams of the tropical spring sun, a mysterious thirst remains unquenched; the parched throat yearns for nectar, unsatiated by the material comforts that emerge from the industrialized advancements made through humanity’s recent past. It’s as if an inner voice whispers that there must be something more - beyond the race for comforts, fame, financial gain, and successful careers.

Perhaps this whispering voice functions like an inner ethical compass, directing the path to our true home, our true state of being, characterized by beauty, harmony, fraternity, and collective wellbeing. Individuals since the beginning of time have dared to embark on this voyage; some by unraveling clues that lay waiting to be revealed in the natural world of symbols, some in their attempt to grasp and express beauty as in the way of an artist, and some who are compelled to engage with society, to empower individuals to effect real sustainable change in the way we choose to live our lives.

Some might insist that we must allow life to play itself out. And sometimes, this is true. But there are also times that need us to interfere and take responsibility for initiating change. What an adventure it might be to find this balance – and to return home! To truly Discover ourselves. To Awaken our potential. And to Transform our world.

Harianto H Mehta, Editor

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The Acropolitan Jan - Mar 2017

the_acropolitan_jan_mar_2017_smallDear Reader,

As we march forward towards the peak of human accomplishment, let us, even if for only a fleeting moment, assess the true drive that motivates our progress. Technology has brought comfort and efficiency to every aspect of our lives. Medicine is able to remarkably manage physical suffering. The internet has brought the unprecedented speed with which to make informed choices. And yet, as if scrambling in the dark, happiness and fulfillment continue to elude many of us. An inner voice whisperingly insists, as if yearning, that there must be more; a larger purpose, a more meaningful role for which each of us has arrived to this world. Some look for answers at museums, where glimpses of past civilizations are preserved as part of the human heritage; others investigate the arts - classical music or cinema. And many look to revive education as the means to help our youth discover life’s meaning. Exploring these faculties through the lens of philosophy, a love for wisdom, kindles a spark of wonder and joy – so essential to persist on the path to Discover, Awaken, and Transform into what lies in our potential. We invite you to join us as we embark on this voyage of hope, at the start of the new year!

- Harianto H Mehta, Editor

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The Acropolitan Oct – Dec 2016

the_acropolitan_oct_dec_2016Dear Reader,

On 2nd November 2016, New Acropolis Cultural Organization joyously celebrates its 10th Anniversary in India. This milestone marks ten years of a special philosophical fraternity, collectively devoted to building a new and better Humanity for a new and better World.

Humanity has gathered a vast treasure through her past, embedded in the astounding diversity of languages, cultures, and religions that have emerged from her unwavered yearning to discover her role in the cosmic order of Life. The value of this treasure can only really be appreciated, however, through our ability to grasp the shared aspiration for Truth that fundamentally unites the seemingly unrelated traditions of our past.

To do so, we must learn the language of the Soul, its chief attribute: Harmony – amongst individuals in Society, with the Soil that nurtures us, and within every human being, harmonizing actions with the voice of one’s own conscience. Through education, and through the true spirit of volunteering, we might revive these principles, and experience once again the Unity of our essence. We must but start this adventure. For after all, “The journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step.” (Lau Tzu).


- The Editorial Team

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The Acropolitan Jul – Sep 2016

the_acropolitan_jul_sep_2016Dear Reader,
It is evident that ancient wisdom recognized the power of philosophy as a practical means by which to nurture meaning and fulfillment in life. In countless traditions, it was the axis around which education was imparted, so as to foster the tools that might enable citizens to give expression to the best of their potential, and help each individual to develop an attitude of wonder at the magical unity that permeates all realms of Life.
For an aspiring philosopher therefore, philosophy was not a hobby, nor intellectual stimulation. It was never intended to be a theoretical or academic faculty, lacking relevance or application in life. Instead, it was the art of living – integrated into every aspect of life, all the time, everywhere – a state of being. Through it, a businessman, treading the thin line of balance between his personal and professional obligations might find lasting solutions. It might motivate corporate leaders to re-consider their social responsibilities. And in its practice, an athlete might find the will to develop discipline, perseverance and excellence.
Might we dare to take responsibility, and improve the human condition through a philosophical seize our freedom, our immortality, and break the materialistic shackles of illusion? Lets each, do his/her own little bit.

- The Editorial Team

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The Acropolitan Apr - Jun 2016

the_acropolitan_apr_jun_2016Dear Reader,
Advancements in science and technology over the last century, demonstrate our innate motivation to push the boundaries in the quest of the material unknown. However, we are perhaps yet to make equal strides in the meta-physical plane, to give expression to the true potential of Man, beyond the material realm. Ancient traditions have unraveled these secrets and left their unearthed treasures in the nuances of language, in their ceremonious interactions with nature, and the ancient sciences.
There is a need, therefore, to dispel the obsessive desire for the new; for we may not need to invent anything new. Maybe our glory lies in re-illuminating ancient wisdom and discover their relevance and application to our own times. Because ultimately, Man has not fundamentally changed. And although fashions have evolved, language has transformed, and social media has enabled unprecedented real-time connectivity, we continue to ask the same fundamental questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? What does it truly mean to live?
Let us dare to investigate these existential questions, and reinstate the glory of the voyage of philosophy as a truly practical means by which to explore life. In this issue, we invite you to discover, awaken, and transform!

- The Editorial Team

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The Acropolitan Jan - Mar 2016

acropolitanjan-mar2016Dear Reader,

The start of a new year is a good time to introspect and re-consider the direction our lives have taken. For many, the dreams and aspirations of our youth become but obscure distant memories, that fade away with each passing year.
But there exist among us a few unsung heroes, who muster up the courage to truly live the adventure of life, and embark upon an ethical voyage in search of an inner Excalibur, yearning to express the noblest of virtues in every realm of life – not by escaping into isolation, but by emerging victorious from the battles of daily life.
Classical traditions have suggested that this nobility is in fact the true nature of Man. It was
revived during the European Renaissance. And perhaps we can once again revive it today! We invite you this year, to Discover it, Awaken it’s principles that lie eternally within us, and
participate in Transforming our world.

- The Editorial Team

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The Acropolitan Oct - Dec 2015

AcropolitanOct-Dec2015Dear Reader,
As if unraveling nature’s secrets, L. Wolfe Gilbert wrote, “Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself.” And perhaps Man has yearned to interact with these secrets since the beginning of civilization; the lawyer through his quest for Justice, the scientist through his investigations to unravel Truth, and the artist through his ability to capture Beauty on a canvas, in the notes of a raga, or in the building of magnificent sacred spaces.
Although diverse, these journeys naturally converge to a single point; the serene and peaceful happiness that results from the realization of the unifying essence that lies beyond forms.
Perhaps this ‘secret of life’ is not really a secret after all. Nature seems to open wide her embrace, singing her song, unendingly inviting us to listen. We must just tune in and align with her laws, in order to find their resonance within. The approaching winter months are an introspective opportunity to discover, awaken, and transform.

-The Editorial Team

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The Acropolitan Jul - Sep 2015

acropolitan_jul_sepDear Reader,
The tapestry of human civilization has been decorated with a vivid design of mythologies that have become part of our culture since antiquity, providing texture, in the form of ethical education and direction through which to investigate timeless human values. History is replete with heroes who have stood up in defense of universal truths despite persecution, by dedicating their lives and work to the service of mankind.
These heroic individuals, whether mythological or historical, serve as inspirational examples, showcasing the potential of human ability that lies within our grasp. Investigation of mythological heroes like Arjuna, or even Neo
(The Matrix) from modern mythology, can awaken a heroic sentiment so rare in our times. What if such individuals were able to evoke the heroic spirit amongst human communities today? Armed with this spirit, and guided by an elevated consciousness, perhaps we could once again shed light on the deep philosophical meaning behind age-old cultural practices, beyond ritual. In this issue, we invite you to investigate this possibility.
-The Editorial Team
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The Acropolitan Apr - Jun 2015

acropolitan_apr_junDear Reader,
The past hundred years have seen a rapid rise in the pace at which technology has changed and affected our lives. We have discovered countless solutions to reduce suffering, increase efficiency, and cheat old age. However, has this progress led to increased happiness, or made our lives any more meaningful?Perhaps somewhere along the way, we have confused our means with our goals. Perhaps somewhere along the way, we have surrendered our most glorious attribute, our inner freedom to express our true selves through the practice of Virtues. Virtues are the essence of our character, the natural qualities of the divine that exist within every human being. Yet they remain astonishingly unexplored. We have ingeniously learnt to imitate nature, but remain blind to the values that governs her every facet.We investigate history and archeology, but dismiss ancient civilizations as primitive, unable even to conceive, let alone express, these virtues. With this issue of The Acropolitan we explore the values and virtues that have remained unchanged through human history. Whether we look to nature for inspiration, or to Scientists and Artists who devote their lives to unravel the secrets of life, it is clear that the solutions transcend geographical, ethnic, and cultural boundaries.
-The Editorial Team
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