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The Clarion Call Jan - Mar 2018

Dear Reader,

Continuing with the theme of change from the last edition of the Clarion Call (themed Yearning for Change), we take a closer look at the idea of profound changes in the world arising from changes within. As we ring in the new year, it is perhaps an apt moment to go deeper with the essence of a new beginning - the opportunities it offers us, and how we can bring about such a renewal in our own lives, in a deep and profound manner.

With the passing of the Winter Solstice in the latter part of December, there is a gradual but inexorable movement in nature towards the new life and warmth that comes with Spring. Ancient wisdom points to similar movement and cycles that human society goes through - the Spring of civilisation is the Renaissance, which brings new light and life after the frigid winter of the Dark ages. But the Renaissance is not automatic- it requires agents of change, those who will bring the

Renaissance in society. And the starting point of that, again, is the ability to bring change to one’s own life. It is the Inner Renaissance that heralds new beginnings in the world around us.

Here’s to New Beginnings - the Inner Renaissance!

Happy Reading!

Anand Baskaran Editor - The Clarion Call

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The Clarion Call Oct - Dec 2017

Dear Reader,
The Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, referring to the nature of the world and the cosmos, said, “Everything changes and nothing stands still”. These simple words convey a profound truth that pervades all of creation and existence. It is a truth that we experience all too often in our own lives, and yet it seems that most people struggle with change, to a greater or lesser degree - whether it is to deal with a change that they resist, or to bring about a change they desire.

This edition of The Clarion Call explores the nature of change, how we can connect to it, some tools from ancient wisdom that we can apply in our lives to bring about change for the better, and looks at the dual aspect of change within and around us. For the Philosopher, change starts within; And this change within becomes the strong enabler of change in the world around us.

It brings to mind a beautiful quote by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu:

“If there is to be peace in the world,
there must be peace in the nations.

If there is to be peace in the nations,
there must be peace in the cities.

If there is to be peace in the cities,
there must be peace between neighbours.

If there is to be peace between neighbours,
there must be peace in the home.

If there is to be peace in the home,
there must be peace in the heart.”

Happy Reading!
Anand Baskaran Editor - The Clarion Call

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The Clarion Call Jul - Sept 2017

Dear Reader,
The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius said “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” In it’s original essence, Philosophy was not meant to be heard, read or studied, but to be lived. And it is meant to be lived in day-to-day life through Action - more specifically, through the right action at each moment. We have all at some point in our lives faced the dilemma of choosing the right course of action in a particular circumstance - and sometimes we choose, while at other times we defer the choice and remain in inaction. Our world today is one where there is no dearth of options, yet indecision takes hold of many, sometimes with serious consequences. In such times, we can turn to wisdom of the ancient cultures to learn and apply keys to identifying and actualising the right action, thus taking control of our lives. It is exactly this idea of Philosophy in Action that we explore in this issue of The Clarion Call.
Happy reading!
Anand Baskaran
Editor - The Clarion Call

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The Clarion Call Apr - Jun 2017


Dear Reader,
In the words of the Dalai Lama, “Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive” In this issue, we touch upon the theme of selfless love. Love that is not limited to the goal of personal gratification but coming from a deep sense of care and oneness. When we place ourselves first and at the center, it forecloses the very possibility of love. Yet there are moments that come to us when we are indeed free from an egocentric love and our heart truly opens up for the other, be it for our family member, our pet or a stranger. I invite you to pay attention and nurture those moments. It might be the very essence of who we are!

Ankit Jain
Editor, The Clarion Call


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The Clarion Call Jan - Mar 2017

clarion_call_jan_mar2017Dear Reader,

In the words of Lao Tzu: “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” In this issue, we touch upon this incredible gift we have as humans, which is the power of introspection- our inherent ability to understand our own self, our own mind closely. The opportunity our human life presents to us is to use this power, in order to create the possibility of a much better world. Each one of us can understand from within us the story of the entire humanity- the fears, the restlessness... and at the same time the limitless potential to be joyful and harmonious beings. And thus, going inwards can help us understand not only ourselves deeply but also others, strengthening the possibility of a much more compassionate and loving world. Hope you enjoy the first Clarion Call issue of 2017.

Happy New Year!
Editorial Team
The Clarion Call

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The Clarion Call Oct - Dec 2016

cc_oct_dec_2016Dear Reader,

It gives us immense joy to bring to you another beautiful edition of our quarterly magazine.

What does it take to truly create an atmosphere of harmony and peaceful coexistence? We are nudged to reflect on this question with a sense of urgency as we see our world sliding into one conflict or the other. From news channels flashing on a daily basis with wars and bombings, terrorist attacks to increasing divorces, increasing sense of isolation and loneliness in our lives, we see the human conflict taking shape with an increasing intensity.

Can we look for answers to this seemingly eternal issue of human conflict by looking at merely external solutions, an approach which seems to have failed miserably; or could we finally start going inwards, looking closely at ourselves and the nature of our relationships with others? We leave you with that question to ponder over.

Editorial Team
The Clarion Call

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The Clarion Call Jul - Sep 2016

clarion_call_july_sep_2016Dear Reader,

The great Sufi poet, Jalal ad-Din Rumi said, “Virtue cannot exist without temptation and difficulties to be overcome”. What then is virtue? According to Wikipedia, “A virtue is a trait or quality deemed to be morally good and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being”.

According to Plato, “Virtue is the excellence of the soul.” Generosity, Clarity, Beauty, Justice, Patience, Humility, Kindness, Honesty, Service, Goodness... doesn’t the very mention of these words light us up? Perhaps it is because, deep within, we can relate to virtues as something we deeply identify with. Let us not ignore this fact. Howsoever we might be caught in our daily struggles, virtues are something we naturally feel connected to. Virtues are our musical instrument to sing the song of life. Virtues are our vehicle, virtues are our teacher, virtues are the very essence of who we are!

So then, Rumi in his words seems to be inviting us to smile at the temptations and the difficulties that hold us from bringing the virtues into practice. This issue celebrates the virtues in us, our true identity which is in a battle against the forces of temptations and the difficulties. This is the philosopher’s battle. This is a battle which must be won.


Editorial Team
The Clarion Call

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The Clarion Call Apr - Jun 2016

cc_april2016Dear Reader,

In ancient Rome, mosaics were made using small pieces of marble, tiles, glass, pottery even shells, to create a pattern. Once the small pieces were stuck on to a base there is a process called grouting which fills all the gaps and holds the tiny pieces together. There is no uniformity in the pieces that go into making the mosaics, but they come together in harmony to create breathtaking beauty.

Almost like the Roman empire at its pinnacle of glory, with its many different cultures united under the rule and patronage of Rome. Can we use the symbols of the mosaic today to recreate this kind of harmony, where every piece makes an important contribution to the whole, but is not necessarily the same as the other.

On a personal level harmony comes from finding balance. Harmony is created when there is a balance between intention and action. We create tension when our intention point us towards one direction but all our actions pull us in the opposite direction. When we find the ‘satva’ or the balance we can be in perfect harmony, peace and happiness. We invite you to read on for more on finding harmony personally, in relationships, and ways to create a harmonized society.

Regards, Editorial Team,

Clarion Call

p.s. Our beautiful cover image is a mosaic artwork created by members of New Acropolis, Bangalore !

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The Clarion Call Jan - Mar 2016

clarioncallJan-Mar2016Dear Reader,

New beginnings are times of optimism and joy. As we say good bye to the old year, it’s also time to reflect on the experiences of the year that just past. We follow nature’s cue in turning inward, as we move towards longer nights, there is a slowing down, it gives time to think. It is an opportunity to reflect, on things that matter, on things that are important to us, on nature.

With the new year we move towards to new beginnings. A time for new resolutions, a time to connect to wisdom, love, beauty and peace.

This issue celebrates a way of expressing these ideals. Can we find ways to find meaning in our lives and find a way to express it? Let us use this time to allow for new beginnings – to think, to act meaningfully, to really be alive to every moment, and find the right expression.

Wishing you all a meaningful, intense and happy year ahead.


Surekha Deepak
Editor, Clarion Call

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The Clarion Call Oct - Dec 2015

cc2Dear Reader,
Today, we live a fast paced life, as we juggle various roles we rush through life. We fill ourselves with activites, sometimes the need to fill up every minute is so important that we are lost when we do not have a ‘to do’ list. In this hurry we often lose our connection with each other. Often, the force that drives us is impatience and the anxiety to achieve results immediately. Then we wonder when the result is loneliness, and isolation.
We cherish moments when we feel connected to people around us, it is love that can make us feel the fraternity, the connections to those around us. We may often be irritated and annoyed by people in our lives but we may need to pause and think of the source of this feeling. Is the cause internal? Is it possible to create a world where each of us feels loved and cared for?
The love we talk of is not the romantic kind, nor is it the kind that is limited to family and friends. We aspire towards such a world, where everyone cares for each other. This edition includes the life of the Mahatma who was able to live universal love. We turn our focus towards Fraternity and explore facets of love and fraternity, the need for trust and the importance of friendship.

Happy reading.
Editor, Clarion Call


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