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    • Dear Reader, Jubilant and rejuvenated, New Acropolis’s 60th year anniversary is a joyful re-affirmation of the glorious dream to build a new and better world. To manifest this dream, idealists through history have embarked upon inner journeys that unfold from the deep yearning for change, a change that might unleash our true individual and collective potentials, fuel our inner flame, and empower each aspirant of this joyous path to serve by taking decisive steps up the stairway towards our eternal spiritual identities. We take this momentous opportunity to break free from our fears and anxieties, to dare to encounter the frontiers of our minds, so that we may once again seize our own humanity. To live philosophy, is to Discover, Awaken, and Transform! Regards, Harianto Mehta – Editor.   Click Here to download a pdf version of the Magazine

      • Dear Reader, The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius said “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” In it’s original essence, Philosophy was not meant to be heard, read or studied, but to be lived. And it is meant to be lived in day-to-day life through Action – more specifically, through the right action at each moment. We have all at some point in our lives faced the dilemma of choosing the right course of action in a particular circumstance – and sometimes we choose, while at other times we defer the choice and remain in inaction. Our world today is one where there is no dearth of options, yet indecision takes hold of many, sometimes with serious consequences. In such times, we can turn to wisdom of the ancient cultures to learn and