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Celebrating the spirit of the Mahatma

Individuals have endeavored and succeeded in contributing to Humanity, even while seeking to overcome their own personal challenges. This spirit…

    • Dear Reader, As all of nature comes to full bloom in the peak of the summer, we witness the magic of life in all its glorious expression! It’s as if the world around eagerly invites us to explore the presence of an all-permeating metaphysical intelligence; we must but learn to see and listen. In our investigation, we might stumble upon the imprint of this intelligence at sacred locations around the globe. Or perhaps an inward journey might lead us to an inner sacredness – expressed as devotion in the yearning of ancient Indian artists, as objective simplicity in the words of Haiku poetry, or the fraternal spirit fostered among fellow athletes. How beautiful that Life leaves bread crumbs for us, to mark the path to encounter her mysteries! In this issue of The Acropolitan Magazine we invite you to explore

      • Dear Reader, We are approaching the middle of the year, and the chill of winter seems to be a distant memory as Spring and then Summer take hold. The shifting season brings with it a whole host of other changes – some apparent like the change in weather, and others more subtle. Traditionally, spring and summer are meant to be times of outward expression, of exuberance and colour. Extending this idea to the human level, a key aspect of the outward expression of any society is experienced through its culture. From the norms directing day-to-day lives of the people to the celebrations and practices, culture finds its expression in myriad forms, at multiple levels. Beyond these forms, at the heart of it, Culture is an expression of what society and its people value the most. From this perspective, Culture has