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    • Dear Reader, Often, perhaps, we find ourselves imprisoned by time. Caught up in the many things that we need to get done, we fail to get to the things that, in our hearts, we know we really ought to be doing. We say we don’t find the time. Or that we shall get to it one day in the unknown distant future, after all our other obligations have been met. Rarely do we take a moment to stop and reflect; to consider the essence that lies at the heart of the things that we do. What is my true goal? Who am I? What does it mean to be a human being? To answer these most fundamental human questions, bequeathed to us is the treasure trove of our collective human heritage comprising the arts, sciences and religions. Let us dare

      • Dear Reader, The Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, referring to the nature of the world and the cosmos, said, “Everything changes and nothing stands still”. These simple words convey a profound truth that pervades all of creation and existence. It is a truth that we experience all too often in our own lives, and yet it seems that most people struggle with change, to a greater or lesser degree – whether it is to deal with a change that they resist, or to bring about a change they desire. This edition of The Clarion Call explores the nature of change, how we can connect to it, some tools from ancient wisdom that we can apply in our lives to bring about change for the better, and looks at the dual aspect of change within and around us. For the Philosopher,