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The Ethical Leader

How does the ideal of justice manifest in our acts of leadership? Plato’s pyramidal structure of the society places the…

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      Dear Reader, As we march forward towards the peak of human accomplishment, let us, even if for only a fleeting moment, assess the true drive that motivates our progress. Technology has brought comfort and efficiency to every aspect of our lives. Medicine is able to remarkably manage physical suffering. The internet has brought the unprecedented speed with which to make informed choices. And yet, as if scrambling in the dark, happiness and fulfillment continue to elude many of us. An inner voice whisperingly insists, as if yearning, that there must be more; a larger purpose, a more meaningful role for which each of us has arrived to this world. Some look for answers at museums, where glimpses of past civilizations are preserved as part of the human heritage; others investigate the arts – classical music or cinema. And many look

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        Dear Reader, In the words of Lao Tzu: “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” In this issue, we touch upon this incredible gift we have as humans, which is the power of introspection- our inherent ability to understand our own self, our own mind closely. The opportunity our human life presents to us is to use this power, in order to create the possibility of a much better world. Each one of us can understand from within us the story of the entire humanity- the fears, the restlessness… and at the same time the limitless potential to be joyful and harmonious beings. And thus, going inwards can help us understand not only ourselves deeply but also others, strengthening the possibility of a much more compassionate and loving world.