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Human Being or Human Doing (Talk)

‘We find it so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day tasks and routines, that we often forget to…

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    • Dear Reader, Wise personages and great leaders of all times have endeavored to illuminate earthly life with heavenly values. They led by selfless example, and demonstrated courage to act altruistically, conscious of the fact that individual fulfillment is intricately woven into collective well-being. As we enter into 2019, how might we use this inspiration to manifest our dreams, and empower ourselves, to give shape to our aspirations? In order to empower real change and improve the quality of our lives, we must learn to guard our own physical, psychological, and spiritual health. It is necessary to go beyond symptoms, superficial and impermanent by nature, and investigate the root cause of our present challenges, so that like an archer, we might, with grace, Will, and concentration, conquer the goal of a new and better world, for new and better human beings.

      • Dear Reader, As you pick up this edition of ACROPOLIS, the memories of new year wishes are likely still fresh in your mind. The beginning of a calendar year brings forth, almost automatically, wishes for a Happy new year. The year is certainly new, but it is worthwhile noting that whether it will be happy or not for each of us depends largely on how consciously we make the efforts to make it so. This issue looks at key themes in the first three months of the year through a philosophical lens, in a way that is practical in our lives – celebrate new beginnings and new year resolutions in January through a simple practice of mindfulness and self-reflection; February brings with it Valentine’s day, and we look at love through the eyes of a philosopher-photographer; and with International Women’s